Hello visitor!  A very warm welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy what’s on offer here. I’m in the process of building it, so there will be more portfolios and new photos added in the coming months.

In 2014, on my first trip to New York City, I borrowed my daughter’s DSLR (thanks Cicely!) and dived into the world of digital photography, after years of an off-and-on relationship with 35mm film cameras.  I took photos but never considered myself a Photographer.  By the summer of that year, I had my own DSLR and in 2015 I returned to NYC on my first solo trip, followed by a two-month solo backpacking tour around Europe. I realised that photography was going to be an enduring and rewarding passion for me. 

I used the (now defunct) travelblogging website travelpod.com to keep friends and family updated on my travels, and more recently Facebook.  My own website felt like a natural next step – a way of me taking my creativity seriously and sharing images that reflect the world that I move around in.  My eye lands on scenes and people that appear to me as beautiful, poignant, funny, ugly, arresting and sometimes all of the above. Nowadays, all my spare cash goes on travel and photography.  I listened to sage advice at the beginning, which was to avoid the temptation to upgrade my camera every five minutes to the all-new-flashy-whatever and, instead, to buy photography books, better lenses and tickets to exhibitions.  These have been key in developing my practice.


  • 2017 The Observer selected one of my photos in its weekly competition and I was rewarded with seeing my photo on the back of a national newspaper.
  • 2018 I wanted to stretch myself a bit and decided to produce a book of portrait photos and interviews with regulars from my local pub, which turned into the book The Jolly Regulars. It was launched in March 2018, selling over 60 copies with all profits going to Cancer Research. 
  • I won the My Reading photography competition.
  • I got to work with 2019 Turner Prize winner Helen Cammock and my photos were exhibited in Reading Art Gallery and on local billboards.
  • 2019 I was one of the winners of the Pride of Reading Awards photography competition, which was an honour in itself, but also resulted in my first sale.
  • 2020 My first exhibition at Picnic Cafe in Reading, running until April. See home page for details.

I hope you enjoy my photos and writing and I look forward to seeing you again soon!